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It might look lượt thích a still from a video clip game, but what you see here is the nearly finished kiến thiết of the forthcoming AM-RB 001, the joint collaboration between Aston Martin và Red Bull Racing. Its makers ayên ổn khổng lồ clayên ổn the title of fasdemo street- legal car in the world—by a considerable margin—when it arrives, probably late next year. It could create a whole new category of oto in need of a fresh prefix, over & beyond super-, mega-, và even hypercars.

It’s an extraordinary-looking thing, with a tiny passenger compartment & a motorsport-style “keel” running beneath the oto, và the 001’s aerodynamic mission is demonstrated by the fact that the face it presents to the wind is as much gap as it is bodywork. According khổng lồ Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s chief creative sầu officer, approximately 100 copies will be built—the final figure is still being decided—with two variants, one being fully street legal and one being traông chồng only. We’ll have sầu lớn wait until later for the full shock-and-awe statistics, but the critical one comes with confirmation from the man who led Red Bull’s side of the project, chief technical officer Adrian Newey, that the traông chồng version aims to be as fast as an LMP1-class Le Mans endurance racer.


“The one that is going khổng lồ be LMP1-levels of performance will be the track-only car,” Newey told us. “Then we’ll make a road version of that. Many parts will be common, but obviously it will have an interior in it and won’t have sầu quite the big wings of the traông chồng car. There will be differences, but the cars will be closely related.”

To put that inkhổng lồ perspective sầu, that means that around a circuit like Silverstone in the U.K., which a McLaren P1 or a Porsbịt 918 would lap in around two minutes, the AM-RB 001 will have sầu to lớn be trăng tròn seconds quicker. The LMP1 Porsche 919 hybrid that set faschạy thử lap during the race there this April clocked 1.40.303. All of which bears on an ongoing debate about how khổng lồ define the “fastest” oto. The obvious answer is to lớn measure top speed: The fastest car is the one that goes fastest, right? Another looks to lap times at one traông chồng or another, seeking khổng lồ incorporate roadholding, braking, and accelerative sầu performance inlớn the definition.

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Details Still Undefined

The AM-RB 001’s engine will be a naturally aspirated V-12 mounted behind the teardrop passenger compartment and will drive sầu the rear wheels only, possibly in conjunction with a Formula 1-style hybrid system.

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“The honest truth is that we are evaluating a whole load of potential solutions,” Newey says. “I have a personal favorite, but I can’t talk about that, I’m afraid. What I can say is that central khổng lồ the concept is that the car should be small, light, & efficient. And if I look at things lượt thích the current fad for dual-clutch gearboxes in this type of car, they typically weigh around 150 kilograms <330 pounds> và are very bulky. That makes that type of gearbox a complete non-starter, because it doesn’t fit with the concept of the car. We’re evaluating some different ideas in simulation. We hope to draw a conclusion in the next month or so.”

Even if there is an electrical side to the powertrain, it won’t be as aggressive sầu as those in actual LMP1 race cars.

“It’s very difficult khổng lồ put a power-to-weight ratio to a LMP1 because they have a very high cấp độ of electrical power that lasts for a small period of time,” Newey explains. “We’ve heard figures as high as 1100 horsepower or even 1200 in terms of their initial acceleration on a straight, but that fades as the battery runs out of charge. They might be getting to the end with just 300 or 400 horsepower. If has an electrical contribution, it will be a much smaller percentage of the internal-combustion engine’s output. So the power-to-weight ratio will be above the average for an LMP1 car, but lower initially.”


Bored on the Beach

The AM-RB 001 is Newey’s brainchild. He’s most famous as a Formula 1 designer và says he’s been dreaming about producing a roadgoing car since the age of six. He was working on what became this project well before the partnership with Aston Martin began around 18 months ago. Some will even recognize something of the thiết kế language of the AM-RB 001 as a distant relation to a Red Bull–branded virtual X1 hyperoto he created for the Gran Turismo 5 video game.

“From time khổng lồ time you’re sitting bored on a beach or whatever & start doodling, & then throw those doodles inkhổng lồ a pile, it gradually grows,” Newey says. “ taking some of those & embodying them in one vehicle. Of course, many are mutually exclusive so you choose which one you want khổng lồ go for và toss the rest away. There’s a continuity going from Formula 1 through the PlayStation X2010 oto to this, a very loose lineage. If you were khổng lồ line the three cars up alongside each other, you could start lớn see the evolution, if you lượt thích, from chimpanzee to homo sapiens.”

Aston’s role has been lớn productionize & market the oto. Reichman says the company already has 350 potential customers who’ve sầu expressed serious interest despite being told that the price, not yet established, is likely lớn top $3 million.

“It’s been a very productive relationship,” says Newey. “I drew the original oto blissfully ignorant of all the regulations & bumper tests and so forth, & of course we fell afoul of quite a few of those. So working with Marek & his people has been a very positive sầu iterative loop where we’ve bounced ideas around & come up with different solutions. We’ve tried lớn meet the regulations while making the fewest modifications to lớn the original form.”

Reichmann agrees: “I think we immediately hit it off in terms of understanding the desires of either tiệc ngọt in terms of visual language. The desire was khổng lồ have something that wasn’t radical—that’s the wrong word—but which was pure, simple, and dramatic. I think every designer wants to produce the most efficient object.”


Room for Two—Really

Although the passenger compartment looks barely big enough for one occupant, we’re assured it will actually fit two full-kích cỡ men.

“I came up with the package and shape that involved the seating position và the cabin form size prior khổng lồ starting the relationship with Aston Martin,” Newey says. “We had a meeting where we presented the kiến thiết khổng lồ Andy Palmer và Marek, & I think there was a big ‘how are we going to lớn fit in that?’ moment.”

Reichman continues the story: “We made a test buông xã, with the thử nghiệm being that I’m six feet four inches and I had to lớn sit next khổng lồ Andy, và you know what Andy looks lượt thích,” in reference to Palmer’s stout proportions. “There’s a photograph from very early on, it must have sầu been 16 months ago, of me & Andy sitting in the original packaging buchồng. That concept has been the basis for this car.”

Newey says AM-RB 001 will have active sầu aerodynamic elements khổng lồ trlặng itself for high speed as well as significant downforce lớn enhance cornering grip. It will have sầu electronic driver-assist technology such as traction & stability control because “at this cấp độ of performance, we have lớn.” These will be fully switchable, though, for any owner who wants lớn take full control without the assists.

Although aiming to make the fastest oto in the world, at least by the lap-time definition, Newey insists that the project hasn’t been motivated by numbers, in the process throwing some shade at the Bugatti Chiron.

“We’re talking about the driving experience, not just about the statistics. It’s about how you feel in the car, the pleasure you take from driving it, feeling involved in it,” he says. “If we take the example of the manufacturer that’s chased the very high cấp độ of top tốc độ, then it’s arguably not a terribly involving car to drive sầu. We want to produce a oto that puts a smile on your face every time.”

So, does the AM-RB 001 alone sate Newey’s long-term desire khổng lồ thiết kế road cars, or does he imagine others khổng lồ come?

“That’s a very good question. I think I would be interested if this works well & is well received, in developing from that into lớn something that’s slightly more mainstream, something that can be enjoyed by more people.”

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