Bmw Motorrad Vision Next 100

In BMW Motorrad's vision of the future, technology will protect the rider from crashes, but bikes won't be totally autonomous.

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It's been a full century since BMW got into lớn the transportation business, and it's using its year-long celebration of itself khổng lồ prove it's got another 100 left in the tank---or battery pachồng, or cold fusion reactor, or whatever. After showing wild concepts imagining the future for its Rolls Royce, BMW, và Mini brands, it debuted the Motorrad Vision Next100 yesterday in Los Angeles.

In a future where cars drive sầu themselves, BMW sees two-wheeled transport as a bastion of emotion. "Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate sensual & analog experience in a more & more digital world," says Edgar Heinrich, BMW Motorrad's head of design. "The wind in your hair, the centrifugal forces, the indescribable feeling in pit of your stomach." His retro-futuristic concept is a swoop of black carbon fiber. It will never wipe out, but it still demands a human rider. Because without someone to enthrall, it's useless.

The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 is built from a single "flexframe," a carbon fiber shell that extends from the front khổng lồ the rear wheel. The designers gọi its shape a dynamic sweep, and it does away with old fashioned things lượt thích bearings và joints. Turning the handlebars moves the whole frame to lớn change direction, & it can relax và stiffen to change steering effort. "It will allow us lớn introduce new steering movements that are very far removed from today’s geometries," says Heinrich.


The classic BMW boxer engine shape remains, although this bike will have sầu a zero emissions drivetrain, which currently comes with zero further details like horsepower, top speed, or acceleration. And actually, that boxer shape is subject to lớn change. Compact when the bike is stationary, it will extkết thúc outwards khổng lồ enhance aerodynamics & help protect the rider from the elements as she piles on tốc độ.


BMW Motorrad is keeping some other classic kiến thiết elements. The black triangular shape of the frame is a reference to the R32, BMW's first ever motorcycle in 1923 (it got its start building airplane engines). The Trắng stripe is a throwbaông xã too. The company's hình ảnh remains, but glows xanh at night.

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"The vision vehicle will act with foresight và is able to protect the rider at any time," says Heinrich. Driver assistance features will continually monitor the environment, the route, the speed, the angle of lean, và myriad other factors, intervening lớn ensure the rider can't crash. Gyroscopes keep the xe đạp upright when stationary, so you can't even fall when stopped. BMW's roughly an eternity from actually telling riders to ditch traditional safety gear, but things lượt thích traction control, hill start assist, and antiloông xã brakes are already making it harder lớn kill yourself on two wheels.


Instead of a traditional instrument cluster, the bike communicates key data lượt thích tốc độ and navigation through a head-up display. That's why you need the goggles. Most of the time, they display minimal information, just a triangle and two horizontal lines showing banking angle & ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá cornering lines. There's no reason to lớn interrupt your emotional journey.


If you vì need more info, just glance down khổng lồ Hotline up a thực đơn of options, then point a finger to lớn make your selection. Glance down further still, và a map pops into view, glowing in blue, positioned where the riders of yore once clipped paper maps onkhổng lồ their tank bags.

Killing the need for heavy leather and kevlar doesn't mean you can't dress like a boss. BMW has also designed a lightweight, flexible suit that cools or heats the rider, while enhancing comfort và posture with banded and strengthened areas. If it senses danger, it can vibrate against its wearer's skin as an alert. The idea is to lớn blend the best parts of the digital & analog worlds. Sure, you could get most of the experience at trang chủ, with VR goggles on, sitting in front of a fan---but only if you don't have sầu anywhere khổng lồ go. is where tomorrow is realized. It is the essential source of information and ideas that make sense of a world in constant transformation. The conversation illuminates how technology is changing every aspect of our lives—from culture khổng lồ business, science khổng lồ kiến thiết. The breakthroughs và innovations that we uncover lead to new ways of thinking, new connections, và new industries.

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