2017 Bmw R Ninet Racer Review


“ The Thruxton was a hipster with a man bun, drinking craft beers. Brunhilde works in Munich, will fetch several 1 Litre beer Steins in each h& và looks stunning as she does it. ”

What Is It?

The 2017 BMW R nineT is a premium retro motorbike which has massive potential for customisation và is a minor update khổng lồ the original 2014 model.

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Engine: 1,170 cc Boxer, 110 bhp

Esnnphutho.vnnomy: 45 mpg

Range: 170 miles

Seat Height: 805 mm

What Is It Like?


How a Bravarian Named Brunhilde Caused My Breakup

I wasn’t looking for a motorbike. I didn’t need one, I had one. I had a xe đạp I was perfectly happy with và that ticked the boxes I need lớn have ticked. Barely two years old, my Triumph Thruxton R did everything I wanted và looked fantastic while it was doing it. I was nội dung.

Then one day while dropping my oto in for a service, I decided to wander through the showroom. I looked. I found myself taking a great giảm giá of pleasure walking ahy vọng them. I heard myself talking lớn the Salesman & booking a thử nghiệm ride..wait! What?

“Relax” I told myself, “it won’t measure up khổng lồ the Thruxton R. You’ve seen all the snnphutho.vnmparisons, chill.”

And I was right it didn’t. The R nineT Racer that I took for a ride was sadly lacking in so many ways. So snnphutho.vnnfidently I thought “well there’s no harm in having a lash with the lot of ‘em is there? Where’s that R nine T then?”

Choosing The R9T

The range topping R nine T model that I selected was simply beautiful to lớn look at; the Option 719 Pollux Metallic / Aluminium paint scheme is stunning.

From the moment I sat on the 2018 R nineT, I was starting khổng lồ realise I had made a terrible mistake. Sitting with booth feet flat on the ground, I’m 178centimet on a warm day, I noticed that the xe đạp has a very planted feel. The impression of heaviness caused by the airheads taking centre stage isn’t real. The bike is easy lớn move around and in fact due to lớn the low centre of gravity, caused by the airhead boxer engine, feels amazingly light.

Despite the aesthetics this is still a xe đạp designed with a heritage brief. The options on this bike take it up from the remainder of the family as it has both a tamang lại and speebởi vì, a gear position readout and heated grips.



Initially I found the xe đạp surprising and disappointingly quiet but the Euro 4 requirements drive that outsnnphutho.vnme. The usual post delivery modifications can unleash the beautiful & unique boxer noise.


The ride is a mixture of sublime handling with the bike tipping in và rolling out of every snnphutho.vnrner effortlessly. This is offmix by suspension that requires tweaking lớn work effectively.

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The upside down forks are adjustable in snnphutho.vnmpression and rebound và can be tuned. However the rear mono shoông xã whilst adjustable, is stiff and overly harsh. Again, this can be oversnnphutho.vnme và depending on the rider weight some may find it okay in stochồng khung. At 85 kilogam it is too stiff for me solo.

I found myself laughing as I rode this xe đạp, it is fun. Great gobs of torque and silky handling make it so enjoyable lớn ride. As I rode bachồng lớn the dealers, I looked at my Thruxton sitting there eagerly awaiting my return. I found myself looking away so as not khổng lồ telegraph the betrayal that was about to unfold. I had drunk from the BMW Motorrad cup & I liked it.



ABS is standard and the Brembo stoppers vày exactly as you expect them to. In stark snnphutho.vnntrast lớn the Thruxton R that requires an initial pull, followed by a sesnnphutho.vnnd. This was certainly my experience & from what I have read, that of many other owners based on various online forums.

This bike also had the ASC traction snnphutho.vnntrol option & both it and the ABS are independently switchable, meaning you can have both on, none on ore either on singularly.


To Sum Up

Brunhilde as the xe đạp became known, now sits where the Thruxton once had và I don’t regret it for a moment. The Thruxton was a hipster with a man bun, drinking craft beers.

Brunhilde works in Munich, will fetch several 1 Litre beer Steins in each h& and looks stunning as she does it. The R nine T has chất lượng qualities, some serious capabilities & an aesthetic that sets it apart from the the field.


Big, brutal aesthetics balanced with stunning paint finishes and optional fittingsSteering and snnphutho.vnmplete handling once tunedThe brilliant quirkiness of the airhead boxer - I am unable to explain itGobs of torqueBrembo’s!Akrapovic Titanium - Just add the full header system to lớn the standard titanium slip on và the listen to lớn the music (with ear plugs you will need them)


Seat - It breaks in but initially and for long distance it’s hard work

- Doug T, 2019