2017 Honda Crf250L Buyer'S Guide


Honda’s CRF series has been around since MY13, và 2017 sees the first major update for the family. Aao ước the changes, the factory added another 1.6 horsepower over the previous generation, & it added the “Rally” khổng lồ the lineup for even more capacity for fun when the blacktop turns to brown. These rides are built for people who take their fun seriously, according to the factory, but just how serious you can get with one depends on your definition of the word. Is it a machine that will suit your purposes? Let’s take a look & find out.

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Continue reading for my look at the Hondomain authority CRF250L và CRF250L Rally.


Just about every manufacturer involved in dirtbikes is also in the dual-sport game as well & there is no shortage of potential competitors out there, so I’m going khổng lồ take a look at Suzuki’s popular little DR200S today to see how well these neighbors stachồng up.

Since dual-sport rides are such purpose-built machines, they necessarily follow similar designs across the board. Clamp-mount front fenders & mini-flyscreen headlight cans lead the way like two sides of the same coin. Neither carries much in the way of toàn thân panels, so the engines are well visible with little left khổng lồ the imagination.

The air-cooled DR is a bit cleaner looking without the radiator cluttering things up, but from there back they both have sầu similar tank profiles, bench seats và tag-holder mudguards lớn finish out the flylines. Rather than trying to use the muffler as some sort of thiết kế component, Suzuki discreetly tucks the blackout muffler & heat shield in where it can vị it’s work from a more behind-the-scenes position.

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Another minor difference between the two here involves the fuel tank; namely that the Hondomain authority carries 2.1-gallons while the Suzuki shows some longer legs with a 3.3-gallon tank. This makes for a much longer range, especially given the 88 mpg efficiency rating enjoyed by the DR, which makes it more suitable for long-distance adventures in that respect.

Both start out on steel pipe frames, but while the CRF250L front kết thúc floats on a pair of inverted forks, Suzuki kicks it old-school with a phối of standard forks và bellow gaiters to protect the swept area of the inner fork tube. That said, neither come with any sort of adjustment up front, and so Hondomain authority gains an edge by virtue of its tougher front suspension arrangement.

The Red Riders get another bump with their brakes. Both ends of the Hondomain authority ride comes with hydraulic discs and can be had with ABS if you so desire, but Suzuki decided lớn keep a rear drum on the DR with no ABS protection available. Since I’m not what you would Gọi a huge người of drum brakes, I’m calling that another point for Honda.

Suzuki powers the DR200S with a 199 cc, air-cooled thumper that falls just a handful of cubes short of the 249.6 cc mill in the CRF, và the power figures reflect that. Hondomain authority enjoys a total of 24.4 horsepower from itsCRF250 engine with the DR close behind with an even đôi mươi ponies. When you consider the Hondomain authority weighs in at 317-pounds wet versus 278 pounds with the Suzuki, that power difference doesn’t register on the heinie-dyno quite as decisively as one might imagine. Plus, let’s face it; they’re both little funbikes that are never liable lớn see a racetraông xã, so a little performance difference is not going to be a khuyễn mãi giảm giá breaker here.

Suzuki’s biggest win here is at the checkout. The DR200S rolls for a mere $4,499 while the CRF250L commands a $5,149 price tag. This difference is likely to lớn buy Suzuki some business, since bikes like this aren’t exactly heirloom pieces và don’t exactly need khổng lồ last for generations, if ya know what I mean.

He Said

“While the Rally is kind of interesting, the base L-mã sản phẩm just seems kind of run-of-the-mill to me. There’s little to lớn write home page about— unsurprising given the price— & I still don’t see how the dual-sport class is an improvement over the good old Enduro bikes. Still, if that’s what you’re inkhổng lồ, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the CFR family, though I’d go for the Dakar package myself, without a doubt.”

She Said

My wife & fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, "With its enhanced off-road capability, the Rally is much more dual-sport-ish than its plain-Jane little sibling. I lượt thích the longer suspension travel & overall better off-road-worthiness, however it is still rather tame for a trail xe đạp. As a competitor, I might go with an XT250 from Yamaha as far as a direct comparison. The CRF250L is more nimble than a big adventure xe đạp, but obviously less power & less highway-worthy. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just sayin’ that it is."


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