Kawasaki Nin-Ja 300 ABS Winter Test EditionThe highly respected và capable Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS sport motorcycle returns for 2017 as the ikhuyến mãi lightweight sport bike for various riders. You’ll be impressed with its agility, power & the confidence-creating control you’ll enjoy when riding the Winter Test Edition. And as it was for me, it feels, looks & rides lượt thích it’s 600cc sisters!

The natural riding position of the Nin-Ja 300 ABS motorcycle includes comfortable ergonomics, lightweight handling & nimble responses that combine khổng lồ deliver a pleasurable ride on city streets, highways, baông chồng roads and racetracks.

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2017 Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition

New this year in the Nin-Ja 300 category, is the addition of a 2017 Ninja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition. This special edition must be seen, the photos don’t vày its styling justice. The Winter Test Edition has its own phối of features making it look anything BUT lượt thích a smaller sized 300 – it really looks lượt thích the real race giảm giá. And the idea with this Ninja Winter Test Edition is lớn allow you to get closer to the paint scheme of the Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT) factory racers & test riders.


Features Exclusive sầu khổng lồ the Ninja 300 Winter Test Edition:

Frame sliders.New double bubble windshield.Passenger colour-matched seat cowl with Winter Test snowflake emblem. Note: the seat cowl is constructed from high quality ABS plastic and covers the stock rear seat, which is also included.Wide rear tire & wide front wheel. 

The Winter Test Edition paint & graphics scheme is used by the Kawasaki FIM Superbike World Championship (WorldSBK) team during their off-season kiểm tra sessions, where engine parts và fairing shapes are perfected lớn provide next year’s competitive sầu advantage. The magnificent stealth-lượt thích matte blaông xã scheme features minimal white graphics incorporating a snowflake with the Japanese symbol for winter.


This Winter Test edition Nin-Ja 300 ABS motorcycle is liquid-cooled 296cc parallel-twin engine, which is tuned lớn deliver strong low and mid-range torque for a crisp throttle response, as well as excellent power on the open road. Much of its prowess can be attributed lớn advanced digital fuel injection, which helps manage cold starting while providing excellent throttle response.

The six-tốc độ consecutive transmission features the Kawasaki positive neutral finder, making it a cinch lớn select neutral when stopped. A premium FCC clutch features assist and slipper functions, which reduce lever effort to help lower fatigue, and reduce rear-wheel “hop” that can be associated with downshifting.

These features provide the rider with greater control in various environments.

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“It’s a lightweight Nin-Ja sportxe đạp with performance, style, comfort và huge fun factor!” 

Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS Winter TestCHASSIS AND SUSPENSION

Not only is the Kawasaki Ninja 300 ABS motorcycle regarded as one of the best lightweight sport-bikes in the category, it is more than capable of surprising competitors in tight, technical corners. The suspension was tuned to lớn complement the rigid frame, so the spring rates provide a comfortable ride on city streets without compromising the sportbike handling that confirms it is a true Ninja motorcycle.


Its combination of digital và analogue instruments feature a large, easy-to-read tachometer coupled with a multi-function LCD display including a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge and digital cloông xã. The digital screen also incorporates an Economical Riding Indicator (ECO) to alert the rider when they are operating the Ninja 300 ABS motorcycle in a style that maximizes fuel economy.


The new 2017 Nin-Ja 300 Winter Test Edition is a Flat Ebony scheme và minimal white graphics.

Cheông xã out the other Kawasaki Nin-Ja 300 colour combos in:

Ninja 300 – Pearl Blizzard WhiteNinja 300 – Candy Plasma BlueNinja 300 ABS – Pearl Blizzard WhiteNinja 300 ABS – Candy Plasma BlueNinja 300 ABS KRT – Lime Green / Ebony
One Fun Package Kawasaki Nin-Ja 300 ABS Winter Test EditionConclusion:

Whoever said “it’s just a 300” was all wrong. In fact this has been the case with the Ninja 300 for a few years now. Kawasaki Nin-Ja 300 ABS Winter Test Edition is full of performance, power, agility và because of its lighter-weight, you’ll feel confident và in control. The fun factor is huge!

Who is the Nin-Ja 300 Winter Test Edition for?

Anyone loving a racy sporty styled motorcycle; for commuters; those needing a lower insurance policy as the 300cc falls inkhổng lồ a lower cost bracket. I would really avoid the thought process of thinking this is a short-term option, as with all it’s features it is truly packed full of fun & possibilities.

Read the full features và specifications on the Kawasaki website as well as details for a retailer near you.

By Vicki GrayEditor, founder snnphutho.vn; motorcycle basic, advanced & race instructor certified for over 28 years. Motorcycle On-road và race licensing examiner. Coached, taught, examined riders for European, Caribbean and North American training institutes.