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Hi, I"m in Vietnam và my ninja 300 has been passed first 500 km.I took it khổng lồ kawasaki dealer in my city for oil changing. They have two oil types: Motul 300V 10W40 & Eni I-Ride Moto2 5W-40. I chose Eni 5W40 because it"s cheaper and seems to lớn be more suitable in Vietnam weather condition. After changing, I ran my ninja for minutes & feel the engine gets hot quicker và after stopping, also getting cool faster.I returned to my home và re-read the manual, it told that the recommover oil for ninja 300 is 10W40 & told nothing about 5W40.I often use ninja 300 for going to work, run around, the distance is very short,
Hello cuonglm.Talking about oil is philosophy và when two talk about it they will never find the same solution.But since Vietnam giới is South-East-Asia I would NEVER
choose a 5W oil (even in Germany I by myself would not), also when you have the chance to get Motul then take this since it"s one of the best you can get.

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In the case of oil or also about brakes you should never go the cheap way, because at the kết thúc this will make you pay the double price.Good luông chồng and enjoy your ride.
Hi Yoermane,Thanks for your advice. Would you mind making it more details, like how can 5W oil can harm the engine ... In my thành phố, people often use 5W for scooter xe đạp, especially Hondomain authority SH 150 or Piaggio Liberty, LX 125.In my case, the price isn"t the main point for my decision. The dealer staff told me that 5W is suitable for engine Do you think I should change the oil right now or wait to lớn 2000km?
Cuong vì you really wanna compare the Ninjette with a scooter? I guess no, you don"t...About the oil-change I wouldn"t bởi vì this now, since it would mean a waste of money. Change your oil after 2000 km, but maybe ride the bike a little bit more carefully và not with too high revs. In a country with a higher temperature I would always recommover a higher weight for oil what at least means not lower than 10W.The warmer/hotter the oil becomes the lower the oil-pressure will go & in an unfavorable case the oil-film could seize.About the Dealer staff let me ask, on what education is their qualification based? I would think it"s like in every developed country (what in this case for me includes the US), a 1 lớn 3 month crash-course & then vì service on customer bikes (in Germany the education for this staff takes 3 years with many tests, before they are working alone on customer bikes or cars).