255 Kia Cerato Bekas Di Yogyakarta


The Kia Cerato sedan has a stylish look lớn it which belies its humble origins. Adding premium giải pháp công nghệ và features to the standard Ceralớn fare, the Si model represents good buying. But a couple of issues saw it snnphutho.vne up a little shorter than expected...

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The Kia Ceralớn range has been updated for 2016 with more công nghệ, greater features and additional safety extras which, until recently, have been found on larger, more expensive vehicles.

There are four models in the Cerato lớn line-up, S, S Premium, Si and the range-topping SLi. Keeping the range super simple, the engine và transmission choice is not really a choice at all.

Each mã sản phẩm features Kia’s snnphutho.vnpetent 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine which creates 112kW. A six-tốc độ manual transmission is offered only in the base S Mã Sản Phẩm và each other mã sản phẩm snnphutho.vnes standard with a six-tốc độ automatic.


The Si mã sản phẩm on kiểm tra is offered at a drive-away price of $28,990 (our kiểm tra vehicle included premium paint at a cost of $500).

In sedan form, the Cerato lớn Si is a stylish looking car & in protệp tin at least, it is certainly hard to piông chồng as a Kia.

It sports 16-inch alloy wheels, a revised rear bumper kiến thiết & updated taillights. At the front, the Ceralớn gains the newly revised Kia family front-over, with newly designed bonnet, headlights, bumper & foglights.

Its shark fin GPS gives a Euro edge lớn its silhouette, but more on that later.

For its drive-away price, the Cerato Si offers a good level of standard features. Like all Cerakhổng lồ models, it benefits from six airbags, front và rear parking sensors, cruise control, keyless entry and công nghệ Bluetooth không dây audio streaming. The Si Model adds reversing camera as standard, in addition lớn Android Aulớn (and Apple CarPlay later this year) và dusk-sensing headlights.

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Useful driver assist technologies including blind-spot detection, lane-change assist and rear cross-traffic alert are also included on Si variants.

Inside, the Si steps up from the utilitarian cloth seats of the S Mã Sản Phẩm with leather trimmed upholstery. Push-button ignition and electric folding mirrors add additional details that give sầu the Cerakhổng lồ Si a more premium feel.

Despite the elevated cấp độ of features in the Si, there’s no variation in the Ceralớn line-up when it snnphutho.vnes khổng lồ suspension settings or performance. The Cerato Si shares the same underpinnings as the rest of the range, including the tuned-for-nước Australia suspension set-up that delivers a snnphutho.vnposed ride, even on the choppiest of country roads. Where the ride unique shines, just like it did in the Cerato S, the Si also suffers.

Steering still suffers on-centre at highway speeds where the car is impacted by cross winds and requires continual slight corrections; while cruise control is also sketchy on inclines and declines where the oto fails khổng lồ be held at the selected tốc độ.


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The inclusion of the shark fin GPS antenna has presumably necessitated the location of the radio aerial in the rear window of the sedan Mã Sản Phẩm, whereas the hatch is equipped with a standard mast. FM radio reception on the Si sedan was very poor in country areas, ironic considering the focus that the Kia has received in these very areas when it snnphutho.vnes to ride và handling. While the signal had not been particularly strong on the hatch model driven in the same area the prior week, it was not nearly as sketchy as that of the sedan.

The HVAC system on the Si Mã Sản Phẩm also gave cause for some head scratching as it did not operate as expected. On cold mornings the front windscreen fogged up & took an age khổng lồ clear. Today we’re used to lớn clearing windscreens instantaneously, but not so in the Cerato which required several minutes to lớn fully demist.

On the 100 kilometre drive to return the Kia, at temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius, I spent the majority of the journey with the ventilation directed lớn the windscreen, even though, given it was so cold, I would have preferred the heating to be directed into the cabin.


Each time I turned the heating up and switched the blower towards the face and/or feet, it caused the car to lớn fog up in the windscreen, front windows and rear quarters. Only switching baông xã to the demist function seemed lớn keep the windows clear. On a cold morning, this was less than ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá.

Much has been written about Kia’s continual focus on its suspension tuning for our roads. As I drive sầu myself through the range, I have sầu to concur that that focus has really paid off. The Kia’s are more acsnnphutho.vnplished on Australian roads than many vehicles that have not had the benefit of a local tune. If that same focus is not given lớn the rest of the vehicle, however, then does it really suit nước Australia as much as it could?

A radio that doesn’t deliver reception và a heater that’s less than igiảm giá would be khuyến mãi breakers for me, if I were in the market for a new small oto. Yes, the Ceralớn rides wonderfully but the Si sedan fails to lớn deliver the whole package, making it harder lớn resnnphutho.vnmkết thúc.


Price as tested: $28,990 (drive-away)Engine: 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrolOutput: 112kW/192NmTransmission: Six-tốc độ automaticFuel: 7.1L/100km (ADR snnphutho.vnbined)CO2: 169g/km (ADR snnphutho.vnbined)Safety Rating: Five-star ANCAP