The new Mercedes-Benz flagship is scheduled khổng lồ go on sale here in the second quarter of next year. Will the new S-class change the luxury game when it gets here?

UPDATE: March 2021- The new S-Class has launched in Singapore, find out what’s inside, how much it costs, & more in our detailed news story! Stuttgart, Germany — Here it is, the new Mercedes S-Class, the one oto more than any other that towkays in Singapore buy lớn signal their success. 

Mercedes-Benz Singapore sold cthua to 3,000 of the previous Model here, a significant number in the context of the 500,000 cars sold worldwide during its seven-year run.

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As for the new flagship, Mercedes chose to lớn unveil it with a virtual press conference today — apart from the obvious reasons behind the decision, the digital launch was an apt move for a car that leans heavily on digital tech to deliver the snnphutho.vnfort và sense of well-being that S-Class occupants expect.

If you thought the S-Class was big before, it qualifies as huge now.

It still looks lượt thích an S-Class

The S-Class has shed some of its overt voluptuousness, but classic visual cues are still there: the upright grille, long bonnet with short front overhang & wide trachồng. Mercedes says it has an “excellent” prestige measurement — that’s the distance from the front axle to the windscreen.

As before, the headlights have a three-point daytime running signature, but the lamps themselves are slightly smaller than before.

Character lines on the sides have given way lớn smoother surfaces that are contoured lớn catch the light a certain way, and the wheels (between 18 and 21 inches in size) sit flush with the body toàn thân to accentuate the car’s wide stance.


The rear has an interesting new bootlid shape, and the two-section taillights — horizontal items for the first time in three generations — are linked by a chrome strip khổng lồ emphasise the width.

“The rear of the oto leans forward và gives a dynamic push to lớn the entire body,” said Gorden Wagener, the styling trùm at Mercedes.

The fancy new headlights have sầu millions of mirrors


LED headlights are standard in the new S-Class, but if you choose the optional Digital Light system you’ll have something khổng lồ brag about. It uses three bright LEDs as a light source, but bounces their beams off a tiny array of 1.3 million micro mirrors to lớn direct the light accurately.

That’s 2.6m mirrors in all per S-Class. Apparently it can project marking aids or warning symbols onkhổng lồ the road ahead, or aim a spotlight at pedestrians to lớn alert you to lớn them.

Creepy, but safe!

lưu ý the flush door handles

Optional in the new S-Class are a flush door handle design. They give the flanks a smooth look, và cars with this feature are actually 33milimet narrower than the ones with regular, protruding door handles.


If you approach the oto with the key on you, they extkết thúc out for you lớn grab them. They also pop out automatically in special situations, like after a crash.

There are up to lớn five sầu screens inside


The new S-Class is a screen queen. The one for the driver is a 12.3-inch unit with an optional 3D display that works without special glasses somehow.

As for the central screen, that measures 11.9 inches standard, growing lớn 12.8 inches if you specify the bright, high-res OLED one. That’s a good 63 percent larger than in the old S-Class.

Also optional are two 11.6-inch rear infotainment displays, và an optional rear tablet (7 inches) for the MBUX system. That stands for Mercedes-Benz User eXperience, in case you don’t know your Mercs.

It watches you

With the optional 3 chiều driver displays, the Mercedes has cameras overhead to watch the driver’s eyes & body, which helps the system create the appropriate 3D effects. But that enables some fascinating features.

MBUX Interior Assist uses the camera info và learning algorithms to lớn recognise and anticipate your intentions. If you look over your shoulder at the rear window, for example, the Interior Assist will automatically lower the sunblind if it’s up. The launch presentation showed the CEO of Nvidia (which provides the powerful GPUs for the car) closing the sunroof with a wave sầu of his hvà.

Watch this short vid of the new S-Class and its cool new features in action

The voice activation “Hey, Mercedes” function is now available to lớn all occupants in all seats, & over-the-air updates means it will get smarter over time. Mercedes already sent 3.7 million such updates for không tính phí khổng lồ customers last year alone.

Its head up display system uses Augmented Reality

Not sure where the car’s satnav wants you khổng lồ turn? You’ll find the augmented reality-enabled head up display system a boon.

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It overlays animated turn-off arrows onkhổng lồ the relevant road lane, so if you still miss your exit you’ll only have sầu yourself to lớn blame.

Optional rear seats recline — a lot

As before you can have sầu your S-Class in various seating configurations (including a four-seat layout that nobody in Singapore wanted). The optional Executive chair lets the seat behind the front passenger tilt baông xã up to 43.5 degrees — far back enough for a nice nap, if you ask us.

You should probably tick the “massage seats” options on your order form. As part of the Energizing snnphutho.vnfort suite of wellness settings there are 10 different mát xa programmes.

It leans like a motorcycle

Slightly, anyway. The smart new E-Active Body Control suspension system uses active dampers, air springs và hydraulics to lớn pull all kinds of clever tricks.


There’s a Curve function that tilts the S-Class so it leans by up khổng lồ 3 degrees into a corner, like a xe đạp. That apparently makes cornering more snnphutho.vnfortable for passengers.

It’s safer than ever

Mercedes has always prided itself on making the S-Class stupidly safe, và W223 is no exception. It has rear airbags that reduce the forces acting on the baông xã seat occupants’ bodies in a severe frontal crash. (Fun fact: Mercedes claims this as a first but the Nissan President had airbags for the bosses in the baông chồng in 1993.)

Cars with the E-Active sầu Body Control system can also pull an ingenious trichồng. If the radar sensors detect that you’re about lớn be T-boned, the S-class tiptoes immediately lớn lift the cabin by 80milimet (lượt thích below).


That puts the door sills in harm’s way, và they can take a lot more of a wallop than the doors themselves.

It’s damn fast

At launch, the S-Class has 2 petrol engines and 3 diesels available. All are six cylinder engines, but V8s are phối to lớn follow eventually.


For now, the relevant variants for Singapore are the petrol S 450 4Matic và S 500 4Matic; both have sầu a 3.0-litre in-line six driving all four wheels, and enhanced by the EQ Boost hybrid system that uses a starter-generator that can give sầu brief boosts to the engine worth 22 horsepower & 250 Newton-metres of torque.

The S 450 has 367hp và 500Nm, and here’s the fast part: it hits 100km/h in just 5.1 seconds. As for the S 500, that gets 435hp & 520Nm, enough to lớn launch the beast lớn 100km/h in 4.9 seconds.

It can shrink itself

Rear wheel steering (optional, of course) isn’t new in luxury cars, but the S-Class takes the idea khổng lồ something of an extreme — its system can turn the rear wheels by as much as 10 degrees. Cheông chồng out the pic below:


For snnphutho.vnparison a Rolls-Royce Phantom’s rear steer system works at up to 3 degrees.

That means the S-Class is likely khổng lồ be uncannily agile in tight situations, lượt thích your favourite carpark. Cars with rear axle steering can actually tighten up the S-Class’ turning circle by a huge distance — the long-wheelbase Mã Sản Phẩm has a12.5m turning circle, but with four wheel steering that drops to 10.8m, tighter than the space a Volkswaren Golf needs.

It’ll be here within a year

Mercedes-Benz Singapore is planning khổng lồ have the new S-Class here by the second quarter of 2021, which means you could see it here as early as April 2021.

Going by the last mã sản phẩm, it will only be offered here in the long-wheelbase version. Most buyers like their S-Class lengthy, anyway — nine out of 10 people chose the longer version of the previous mã sản phẩm.

Hopefully the ongoing pandemic will be over by then & economic activity will have sầu picked up, but by our reckoning sales of the new Mercedes S-Class won’t get properly underway until there’s a more entry-màn chơi version.

Mercedes hasn’t announced it, but an S 300L with a 2.0-litre, 245hp engine might be just the version for Singapore, where the big-car-small-engine formula still rules. The S-Class itself has changed, but some buying habits seem immutable.


BONUS FACTOID: Mercedes is developing a plug-in hybrid with 100km of range

By the middle of 2021 Mercedes will launch a plug-in hybrid electric version of the S-Class. Charge it from an external charger (like an electric car) và it can drive silently without petrol.


The alặng is for a pure electric range of 100km. With access to daily charging, the average Singapore driver wouldn’t actually need to lớn use petrol at all, but the plug-in S-Class will have sầu an engine for long distances or maximum power.