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Hi friends, does anyone know if the akrapovic exhaust for ninja 300 2013-năm nhâm thìn fits on my ninja 300 năm 2016 fabrication mã sản phẩm 2017? I want to lớn buy that exhaust buy it says that it fits in models from 2013 khổng lồ năm nhâm thìn & my ninja is Mã Sản Phẩm 2017 (KRT Edition).Thanks

No changes in 2017. Anything for a 2013-2016 N300 will fit a 2017 N300. There are differences in in ABS & non ABS models but only on brake circuit parts.

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It would fit. Since my 300 is almost 4 years old now I was recently contemplating a slip on myself lớn add some excitement. Almost bought an Austin Racing GP1R(I liked the look), then realised it would be too loud(khổng lồ the point of being a nuisance) và decided lớn stick with my stoông chồng exhaust. If you are feeling bold give the GP1R a look.http://www.austinracing.com/kawasaki/106-ninja-300-slip-on-exhaust-system.htmlRegards,Kaustav
Looks like akrapovic added 2017. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle...-slip-on-exhaust-kawasaki-ninja-300-2013-2015As long as its a model: S-K3SO1-HZC or S-K3SO1-HZT, it will fit the 2017 ninja 300.
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