The drivers of exotic supercars put their street cred on the line against deceptively fast sleeper cars built và modified by true gearheads.

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Extremely expensive supercars take on massively modified undercover tốc độ demons, including Hondas, Fords, Oldsmobiles and even a Mini Cooper.

The altrộn owner of a 2018 Lamborghini Huracán races three very hungry underdogs -- a '72 Caprice, a '92 Eagle Talon and a '92 Civic.

What vì the drivers of a '66 Bel Air, a '98 Civic và a 2001 Mustang have sầu in common? Simple -- a burning desire to blow the doors off a McLaren 650S.

An '80 Oldssản phẩm điện thoại station wagon, a '95 Ford Taurus, an '84 Oldsthiết bị di động Cutlass and a 2018 McLaren 720S go pedal to lớn the metal for a photo finish.

A '74 Mini Cooper, a 2005 Pontiac GTO and a '95 Nissan 240SX -- all heavily altered -- redline it against a năm nhâm thìn McLaren 675LT.

The owner of a 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta puts his rep on the line while racing an '89 Mustang, an '86 Buichồng Regal và a '73 Chevy Vega wagon.

Is this Tesla's time to lớn shine? The electric speedster takes on a '90 Nissan 300ZX, an '89 Ford Mustang and a '77 Toyota pickup.

Six finalists travel khổng lồ California, each confident that they'll return trang chủ a champion. But at the end of the day, there can only be one.

The drivers of exotic supercars put their street cred on the line against deceptively fast sleeper cars built và modified by true gearheads.

A '27 Dodge pickup, a '64 Chevy pickup & a năm trước Honda Odyssey -- all heavily modified -- take on a 2006 Ford GT supercar.

A năm 2016 Lamborghini Huracán risks its rep against tricked-out sleepers, including a '46 Plymouth coupe, an '87 Monte Carlo SS & a '71 Ford Pinlớn.

The brash owner of a năm nhâm thìn Dodge Viper ACR-E takes on a trio of underdogs: a '92 Chevy S10, an '87 Ford Thunderbird và a '79 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

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An over-the-top attorney & his way-over-the-top Lamborghini Aventador challenge three sleeper cars that are anything but factory original.

Three sleeper cars -- including an '84 OldsMobile that once housed a family of cats -- try khổng lồ pull off an upmix against a năm nhâm thìn Ferrari 488 GTB.

A controversial burnout leads khổng lồ an explosive confrontation. Cars include a 2013 McLaren MP4, a '94 Sonoma, an '84 Gr& National & a '78 Chevy van.

A Batmobile-esque Lamborghini Aventador SV takes on a ’72 Mazda RX-2 with a rotary engine, a ’72 Datsun 1200 electric and a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel.

The supercars and sleepers face off for a winner-take-all drag race at El Mirage dry lake bed in Southern California.

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