Continental gt 650 cc colours, specification, reviews, gallery


The Story

Engl&, 1960s. Young men and women flochồng around cafes on their stripped down motorcycles, creating a culture high on style. The #ContinentalGT is a nod lớn that time. The machine with a story takes one baông chồng to the time when motorcycling was all about making a statement. Watch the film to relive the cultural phenomenon that refuses lớn fade away.

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Welcome to the '60s

Retro inspired clip-on handlebars. Bump stop seat for maximum styling. On a stripped down classic racer silhouette, resonating the cà phê culture.


Crouch like you mean it

Footrests và handle-bar structured for an aerodynamic riding position. Recesses in the fuel tank for the rider’s knees allow maximum tốc độ and performance.

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Conquer the Corners

At swift twists và turns, trust the café-racer style double cradle frame and twin rear shock absorbers to do the job.


Rochồng Safe

Brembo disc brakes for greater stopping power. Pirelli Thể Thao Demon tyres, take those twisted turns with added cornering tư vấn.


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