Vespa gts 300 hpe review: scoot ahead


More power, more torque, traction control, và ABS make the SuperTech one of Vespa’s best performing scooters

by TJ Hinton, onMarch 11, 20đôi mươi, 04:00LISTEN09:31

Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp rolls inlớn 20đôi mươi with the new GTS SuperTech 300 HPE as its top-shelf entry for the GTS Super line. The SuperTech carries the updated high-performance engine with a handful of electronic safety features khổng lồ make your rides safe và comfortable. Special paint và trlặng sets this unit apart visually from the rest of the family and adds an air of exclusivity to lớn the mix.

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Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp uses a stressed-skin structure on the GTS SuperTech 300 HPE rather than an underframe for its support, & this produces a strong-but-light assembly with lots of interior space for the internal equipment.

Up front, an aircraft landing gear-type steering column relies on a standing thành viên for the structure. A trailing liên kết và coil-over shock articulate to lớn absorb shocks from the road, and the coil spring comes shot in bright yellow to lớn match the accent decals around the xe đạp. The front shoông xã is non-adjustable, but the rear shoông chồng has four spring-preload settings so you can dial in for changing cargo/passenger weight.

A set of 12-inch, gloss-blaông xã rims round out the rolling chassis with 2đôi mươi mm brake discs & a stoông xã, dual-channel ABS feature to meet European safety regulations. Tubeless hoops run in a near-symmetrical 120/70 và 130/70 on the front và rear, respectively, khổng lồ give sầu this Vespone (big wasp) its small-wheel charm.

Bearing structure:Front suspension:Rear suspension:Front Brake:Rear Brake:Front tire:Rear tire:
Sheet metal with welded reinforcements
Single arm suspension with coil spring và hydraulic shochồng absorber
Double hydraulic shoông chồng absorbers with adjustable preload with 4 settings
Hydraulically operated 2đôi mươi milimet stainless steel disc – ABS
Hydraulically operated 220 milimet stainless steel disc – ABS
Tubeless 120/70 - 12”
Tubeless 130/70 - 12"

20trăng tròn Vespa GTS SuperTech 300 HPE Drivetrain

Upgraded 278 cc HPE engine 23.8 horsepower 19.17 lb-ft of torque Traction control
The new GTS SuperTech 300 HPE is on the receiving end of an engine nâng cấp that results in a 12-percent increase in horsepower up to lớn 23.8 ponies và an impressive sầu 20-percent increase in torque with 19.17 pound-feet of grunt on tap. These figures make this the most powerful lump ever to lớn power a Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp product. The four-valve head, higher valve sầu lift, and 3 milimet increase in valve diameter combine to lớn provide efficient aspiration and exhaust-gas scavenging to lớn make for cleaner, more-powerful air-fuel charges.

As usual, it’s a one-lung thumper, & it rocks a 75 mm bore & 63 mm stroke for a total displacement of 278 cc. Electronic fuel injection và ignition timing ensures smooth operation, but that’s not the kết thúc of the electronic wizardry. The SuperTech comes stock with a traction control system that, along with the ABS feature, goes a long way toward increasing your odds of keeping the thing rubber-side down.

nguồn flows through the usual dry centrifugal clutch and constant-velocity transmission with an overall drive ratio that turns in a top tốc độ around the 78 mph mark, and that’s fast enough to lớn be reasonably confident on the superslab, with plenty of wiggle room on slower roads. The mill meets Euro 4 emission standards & claims a fuel efficiency rating of 73 mpg (31.2 km/l), so the two-gallon fuel tank will allow for lots of travel time between refills.

Engine:Displacement :Bore x Stroke:Max Power at crankshaft :Max Torque:Fuel system:Ignition:Cooling system:Lubrication:Gearbox:Clutch:
4-stroke single cylinder, 4 valves, electronic injection
278 cc
75 milimet x 63 mm
23.8 hp (17.5 kW)
8,250 rpm
19.17 (26 Nm)
P..I. injection (Port injected)
Electronic with variable advance
Wet sump
Twist-and-go CVT with torque server
Automatic centrifugal dry clutch

20đôi mươi Vespa GTS SuperTech 300 HPE Pricing

The Burgman 400 carries itself as a maxi-scoot with ample angular body details & a tall windshield for rider comfort và protection. The downside of such bodywork is that the step-through is all but completely obstructed, so if ease-of-mounting is a consideration for you, the Vespa is definitely the way to go.

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Underseat storage is expanded a bit lớn 42 liters under the duplex, two-up seat on the Burgman, & it will carry a pair of smaller full-face helmets versus the single bucket tub under the Vespa’s seat to lớn give sầu it some extra utility as a grocery-getter/commuter.

Suzuki supports the front end on telescopic, hydraulically-dampened, motorcycle-style forks, but since they are non-adjustable, they really don’t have any sort of advantage over the Vespa’s link-and-shochồng arrangement. Out bachồng, a coil-over monoshock takes care of business, but it looks lượt thích it’s non-adjustable lớn cede the advantage to lớn the SuperTech.

Suzuki flips the script in the brakes department with dual front disc brakes against the SuperTech’s single disc, and since both models roông chồng a stock ABS feature, they break even on the technological end of the binders.

The Burgman carries a larger engine – 399 cc lớn be exact – so it can achieve sầu speeds in the mid-nineties for a definite tốc độ advantage, but fast enough is fast enough, và the Vespa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp is fast enough with traction control for added stability so I’d argue that the engines more or less break even with one another.

Even though Vespa làm đẹp isn’t one to lớn use price as a selling point, it outperforms Suzuki at the checkout as the 20trăng tròn Burgman 400 fetches a premium price at $8,299 against $7,749 for the SuperTech.

Read our full đánh giá of the Suzuki Burgman 400.

He Said

“Sure, some folks just want a scooter, I get that, but when you get up around the $8k mark there are a wide range of proper motorcycles that can be had for the same money – even ones with an automatic transmission so you can count on twist-and-go operation. That said, Vespa làm đẹp certainly does not disappoint with its SuperTech. It’s got the look, & the công nghệ, to make for a well-rounded, if premium-priced, machine.

She Said

My wife and fellow motorcycle writer, Allyn Hinton, says, “The GTS SuperTech 300 HPE is a nice scooter. It’s not just the upgraded engine, but that is a big plus. There was so much attention khổng lồ detail. I mean, even the glovebox door works better. It’s got more power và more torque, and not just a wee bit more. It’s got so much more, it’ll definitely register on the ol’ heinie dyno. Brinigng modern touches to the old-world charm, it has smart phone connectivity và traction control. Performance is stellar.”

Engine & Drivetrain:
Engine:4-stroke single cylinder, 4 valves, electronic injection
Displacement :278 cc
Bore x Stroke:75 milimet x 63 mm
Max Power at crankshaft :23.8 hp (17.5 kW)
8,250 rpm
Max Torque:19.17 (26 Nm)
Fuel system:P..I. injection (Port injected)
Ignition:Electronic with variable advance
Cooling system:Liquid
Lubrication:Wet sump
Gearbox:Twist-and-go CVT with torque server
Clutch:Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
Bearing structure:Sheet metal with welded reinforcements
Front suspension:Single arm suspension with coil spring & hydraulic shoông xã absorber
Rear suspension:Double hydraulic shock absorbers with adjustable preload with 4 settings
Front Brake:Hydraulically operated 220 mm stainless steel disc – ABS
Rear Brake:Hydraulically operated 2trăng tròn mm stainless steel disc – ABS
Front tire:Tubeless 120/70 - 12”
Rear tire:Tubeless 130/70 - 12"
Dimensions và Capacities:
Length x Width:76 in / 29.7 in (1,950 mm x 755 mm)
Wheelbase :53.9 in (1,375 mm)
Seat height:31 in (790 mm)
Fuel tank capacity:2.5 gals (8.5 liters)
Emissions compliance:4 Euro
Fuel Economy:73 mpg
Top Speed:73.3 mph
Colors:Grigio Materia

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