Vietnam International Motor Show 2015 In Full Gear


vietnam giới exhibition – Afternoon of 28/10, the biggest autoSmartphone exhibition in Vietnam giới (Vietnam Motor Show 2015) has officially opened at the Center for Fair & Exhibition in Saigon (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City.

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Opening panorama largest automotive exhibition in the afternoon yesterday

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Yoshihisa Maruta, chairman of VAMA said Vietnam Automobile Exhibition in năm ngoái for the first time witnessed an unprecedented record in Vietphái nam Autothiết bị di động village: 150 models from 18 br& reputation Credit in Vietnam giới with a total value estimated at over 250 billion will be on display at this exhibition. If you only look at the models on display in this exhibition was also shown to be somewhat efforts & VAMA members in meeting the needs of consumers in a variety.

The cars participating this event rich in type, Mã Sản Phẩm & particularly excel in technological innovation climax. “The passenger oto brands and popular participation in this exhibition also acumen và insight khổng lồ clients domestically as efforts launched models has brought modern giải pháp công nghệ, has come with price matching potential customers, “said Yoshihisa Maruta.

Mr. Yoshihisa Maruta Speaking at the opening of exhibitions Vietphái nam Motor Show 2015

Vehicles to lớn make their mark

Although the import oto brvà has detached playground, but Vietphái nam Motor Show năm ngoái has gathered a series luxury brand & invisible imports accounted for dominance with chic kiến thiết và a variety of applications Modern technology environmentally friendly. Specifically, Mercedes-Benz Vietnam giới (MBV) has brought Vietphái nam Aukhổng lồ Expo năm ngoái a total of 12 impressive sầu products for admiring guests và customers, including products khổng lồ the remaining 10 cars new or upgraded version was first introduced. In addition, Mercedes-Benz also launched the system supports preventative Collision Prevention Assist Plus collision with automatic function supports the deceleration, accompanied TRONIC- 9G-automatic gearbox first 9 levels of Mercedes- Benz in Vietnam.

Similarly, Lexus introduced six new models including emotional, especially with the new version 2016 of 2 LX570 and ES350 models launched in October, with a completely new generation of 5-seater SUV is most preferred terrain vehicle segment in luxurious mid-form size – RX350. On a total area of ​​380mét vuông, Lexus booth designed Lexus global standards including oto exhibition spaces divided into lớn regional areas SUV & sedan, VIPhường reception room & brvà emotional angle. Regions SUV will display full frame 04-class SUVs are getting more attention from consumers, including LX570, GX460, RX350 và NX200t; while the sedan display area 02 exquisite models is LS460L and ES350. Vietphái mạnh is the only market in Southeast Asia have sầu introduced full 4 sản phẩm line of Lexus SUV.

Along the luxury segment, Infiniti QX80 was released with the title champion 3 years in the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards Auto lớn Pacific (VSA) in the premium SUV segment with strong kiến thiết but elegant, comfortable integrating technology .

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Small car and SUV overwhelming

A highlight of this year’s exhibition brings together many small cars and SUVs, which partly reflected the needs of the market for two cars in recent times. Proud to lớn bring these cars style of American automotive sầu brand, Chevrolet catch market trend when launches the first hàng hóa in Vietnam: High Country Chevrolet Coloralo latest version, kích thước SUV Chevrolet Trax all-new small accompany 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe star năm ngoái Sport 3LT worldwide fame.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Coupe star in năm ngoái 3LT

Similarly, Ford brought the global hàng hóa segment leader in terms of fuel economy và smart technologies such as Ford Fiesta, Ford Ecosport, Ford Ranger and the new version. The new generation Ford Focus was launched along with award-winning EcoBoost engine & Ford Everest International phối up a completely new higher standards for SUVs in Vietnam giới.

With the theme “Living Together Completely Honda”, Honda Vietnam gives visitors the opportunity to lớn discover Hondomain authority Odyssey models in the segment completely new luxury MPV was first formally introduced in the market Vietnam.

Nissan booth bearing the message “Technology Outreach, maximum utility” with four models including Murano entirely new, leading midsize SUV Nissan brought from North America and three products Teana, Juke & NP300 Navara is equipped with a navigation system touchscreen (AVN) advanced mạng internet connectivity. In addition, the mainstream technology as giải pháp công nghệ X-tronic CVT gearbox & philosophy PureDriveTM Shield Safety (Safety Shield) will be introduced at Nissan booth.

In the small oto segment, Suzuki officially launched compact SUV models completely new – Vitara 2015. Inherited DNA from the previous generation, Suzuki Vitara 2015 smart sporty design and versatility in urban conditions . With 14 color choices promises to be the oto that attracted the attention of the market. Swift special version with 2-tone styling and youthful personality differences.After many years of absence, this year officially baông xã THACO attkết thúc Vietnam giới Auto Expo năm ngoái with the presence of all 3 brvà passenger cars Kia, Mazdomain authority & Peugeot by THACO manufacturing, assembly và distribution in Vietnam market. Kia brings 5 ​​new models focus on the segment MPV, the Kia Sedomãng cầu as sample thiết kế style sport utility vehicle SUV with luxury interior. Mazda launched the new-generation oto thiết kế language Kobởi vì và SKYACTIV technologies, highlighting the power of giải pháp công nghệ such as the Mazda2, Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-5 and Mazdomain authority mã sản phẩm BT-50 pickup. Last but not least important, the br& Peugeot will showcase 5 facelift Model 208, 308, 508, 2008 & 3008. Among mỏi them, notably the 3008 mã sản phẩm with a stylish kiến thiết, sports and interior comfortable interior.

Supporting industrial zone with an area of ​​2,000m2 also considered interesting accents make a difference & contribute to lớn Vietphái nam Auto lớn Expo more vibrant and true nature of his subjects. The accessories will be arranged connecting a main traffic artery exit from indoors lớn outdoors with the participation of more than 100 booths of 50 companies specializing in trading commodities and spare parts, accessories, service care, toy cars; with booths from banks, insurance companies.


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